Stainless Steel Motorcycle Caliper Pistons

Stainless Steel Piston Set - 6 pistons TOKICO Front Caliper (BC104PK)

$ 124.18 USD

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Product:      Brake Caliper Stainless steel Pistons for Tokico 6 piston caliper                                (Completes one caliper)

Make:           Brakecrafters

Model:          BC104PK


  • ZX-6R 'Ninja' (ZX600J)                                  (2000-2003) (F)
  • ZZR 600 ' Ninja' (ZX600)                               (2005-2008) (F)
  • ZX7R 'Ninja' (ZX750P)                                   (1996-2003) (F)
  • ZX-9R 'Ninja' (ZX900 B3/B4/C1/C2/E1/E2)  (1996-2001) (F)
  • ZRX 1100       (ZR1100 C)                               (1999-2000) (F)
  • ZRX1200R      (ZR1200 A)                              (2001-2003) (F)
  • ZX12-R 'Ninja'(ZX1200 A1/A2)                     (2000-2001) (F)
  • VN1500 'Vulcan Mean Streak' (VN1500P)   (2002-2003) (F)


  • GSXR 750   (GSXR750 T/V/W/X)                    (1996-1999) (F)
  • TL1000R     (TL1000R W/X/Y/K1/K2/K3)       (1998-2003) (F)
  • GSF 1200 'Bandit' (GSF1200)                          (2001-2005) (F)
  • GSX1200R 'Hayabusa' (GSX1300R)                (1999-2007) (F)

    **This kit is for original OEM  calipers!


    We only supply the highest quality components from original OEM manufacturers from Japan (not problematic, cheap Chinese copies). 


    Each BC104PK kit includes:

    For the Front Calipers:

    • 4 - Outside Diameter = 27.00mm     Length = 22.5mm

    For the Rear Calipers:

    • 2 - Outside Diameter = 24.00mm     Length = 22.50mm

     Each polished 316L stainless steel 'Lifetime' piston is to replace damaged or corroded OEM caliper pistons. Type 316L is an austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel containing molybdenum. This increases corrosion resistance, improves resistance to pitting from chloride ion solutions, and provides increased strength at elevated temperatures. Type 316L is one of the highest specification stainless steels available - superior to both 303 & 304 grade stainless steel.




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