Motorcycle Brake Rotors

October 26, 2016

Motorcycle Brake Rotors

Motorcycle Brake Rotors –

Do NOT use aerosol cleaners on rotors as they can leave residues that will promote ‘glazing’ of the brake rotors.

When changing motorcycle brake pads, always clean the brake pad contact surfaces (of the rotors) with really good scrub using steel grade Scotch-Brite abrasive pads or 180 grit sandpaper. (Glass beading rotors in a booth is the best but not always practical!)

Be very cautious of non branded after-market rotors that are often thinner than OEM parts and/or have excessive drilling/slots. Both thinning of the rotors or over drilling will mean a reduced mass and greatly reduced heat sink displacement throughout the rotor and also creating uneven pad wear and/or warped rotors. Drilled rotors with the correct pattern allow a good dissipation of the expanding air/heat but it is difficult to have structural drill pattern that evenly sweeps the entire face of the motorcycle brake pad.