Brake Fluid tips for Motorcycles

October 27, 2016

Brake Fluid tips for Motorcycles

Brake Fluids –

Motorcycle Brake fluids use glycol fluids which are Hydroscopic – meaning that they absorb moisture from the atmosphere. As the concentration of moisture increases it causes a sharp decrease in the boiling point of your brake fluid (Just 1% of moisture content drops the boiling point by 20% in DOT 3 brake fluids 3% will drop the boiling point by 50%) Water laden brake fluid is the greatest cause of corrosion and pitting within brake system. This affectively destroys your caliper pistons, bores, master cylinders, steel brake lines and ABS modulators (if fitted)


Change out your brake fluid at least once a year more frequently if you live in a humid climate or used for racing/trackdays . Brakecrafters recommends DOT 4 Brake fluids only. (DOT 5 silicon or the Glycol/Ester based 5.1 brake fluid is NOT recommended)